I-Aquamax XXL(A)

I-Aquamax XXL(A) SBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

It is especially designed for industrial and municipal applications upto 1000 PT.

Subham's innovation

Subham has designed I-Aquamax XXL (A) range of models especially for residential areas in villages having inhabitants between 400-1000. It provides the services on large ground like hotels and other commercial areas. The plant technology is versatile and unite with different tank types in regard to the discharged quality and meets with different requirements. For, different treatment, the inflow of the domestic waste water is targeted and accordingly the underground rectangular concrete tanks are designed.

In the locally manufactured rectangular concrete tanks, the objective of compact and structural shape is followed. Both, the SBR tank, and preliminary settling tanks having integrated overflow of the sludge storage are merged in a tank block.

Subham interestingly like to elaborate the project's specific arrangements for diverging conditions and different plant concepts.


Working Principle

The inflowing water in Subham's I-Aquamax XXL (A) is undergone the treatment in three cycles on daily basis. Each cycles runs for 8 hours. In, the preparatory settling stage, the waste water follows the 4 phases. Sufficient supply of oxygen is obtained from the surface aerator for the intentional degradation of carbon and nitrification. The surface aerator is designed to float and it matches it every time to change the every filling level. It makes certain about the best performance of oxygenation with each filling height of the SBR tank. The surface aeration requires simple maintenance job which can be put into effect without removing the SBR tank.



  • The buffer/treatment tank collects the waste water in the preliminary settling stage.
  • Using, a clarified water pump decanter, the clarified water is drawn out of the clarified water zone in the SBR tank. This follows the complete actual water treatment and ending of sedimentation phase. The drawings of sludge are prevented reliably by maintaining a safety zone between the activated sludge zone and clarified water.
  • The settled sludge at the bottom is transferred to the preliminary settling tank. The control on the technical and individual processes takes place via a central control box in the complete waste water treatment plant. All, the phases of the treatment plant are supported by the filling level dependent process steps. This proceeds in accordance with the specified control in the central control unit. The fault can be automatically detected if it occurs in any of the unit. The priority of the fault decides the emergency operation of the waste water treatment plant. In, many cases the plant is not used until the fault is rectified.
  • The cleaner water is then pumped out of the plant in the decant phase.


1. Inlet

2. Primary Treatment

3. Buffer

4. Feeding Pump

5. SBR Tank

6.Areation Tank

7. Mixer (depending on the system)

8. Submersible motor pump (sludge return)

9. Submersible motor pump (clarified water)

10. outlet

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