What is I-Aquamax-Proffesional.G? It is completely biological SBR waste water treatment plant for retrofitting, and new construction. It is a treatment plant with multi chamber cesspits and multi tank plants upto 50PT. it can serve the purpose for smaller catering and commercial operations upto 50PT.


Its specialty

It is especially developed for large amount of waste water from hotels, catering, and smaller food processing operations. The extensive adjustments to the tanks and its installation plus the maintenance tasks underwater are the past story. Nowadays, the retrofitting of the old treatment plants is possible without excavation.

Because of the updated software and modular system, the I-Aquamax-Proffesional.G is always expandable and scores the treatment efficiency upto 99% after facing the toughest conditions.


How it works?

In, Subham I-Aquamax-Proffesional.G, the treated waste water crosses to three cycles on daily basis of 8 hours per. After, reaching the preliminary stage, it 4 phases cycle is followed.

  • When, the water is collected in the preliminary settling stage, it is then passed into the buffer/treatment tank,
  • In, the treatment phase, the waste water is treated for the fixed timings. With, this there is a alteration of agitation, aeration, and paused period,
  • In the settling phase, the activated sludge settles down on the bottom,
  • The clean water is pumped out of the plant in the decant phase.


1. Automatic control

2. Inlet

3. Primary Treatment

4. Buffer

5. Feeding Pump

6. SBR Tank

7. Carrier Frame

8. submersible motor pump[clarified water]

9. submersible motor aerator

10. submersible motor pump[Sludge Return]

11. Control cable

12. outlet

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