Subham has brought a great solution for the waste water problems. The places which are not connected with the municipal sewer network and people in those areas are facing the problems, now can find the best solutions to their concern with Subham I-Aquamax.

What is Subham I-Aquamax?

It is a technical system combined with multi-chamber tank. It serves the purpose for small waste water treatment plant for domestic aerobic biological treatment. For, new construction and retrofitting it ranges from 50 PT-1000PT.

For, Subham I-Aquamax, the requirement is an underground tank with three separated chambers. I-Aquamax is mounted on one of these chambers. The waste water treatment plant collects the waste water that passes through the pipe from the house. It discharges the treated water in the open space. The best quality is that it is fully automatic.


How it works?

  • The inflowing water is treated in three cycles daily,
  • Each cycle covers the period of 8 hours,
  • After reaching the preparatory settling stage, the waste water follows the 4 phases cycle
  • The four phases are charging, treatment, settling, and removal,
  • In, the first phase the water which is collected in the preparatory settling stage is passed into the buffer tank/treatment tank,
  • The waste water in the treatment phase is treated for the fixed timings. With, this there is a alteration of agitation, aeration, and paused period,
  • In the settling phase, the activated sludge settles down on the bottom,
  • Lastly, in the removal phase, the clean water is pumped out of the plant.


1. Automatic control

2. Inlet

3. Primary Treatment

4. Buffer

5. Feeding Pump

6. SBR Tank

7. Carrier Frame

8. submersible motor pump[clarified water]

9. submersible motor aerator

10. submersible motor pump[Sludge Return]

11. Control cable

12. outlet