Shubham-ATB - Small Sewage Treatment Plants

What is the need of sewage treatment plant?

Due to the environmental pollution and irresponsible human being, day by day there is a scarcity of fresh and pure water from natural resources. It is assumed that the period will come when even after paying the money; there will be shortage in supply of water.

Imagining the worst position in future, the set up of sewage water treatment plant is mainly focused by every building of the society. The green building also helps in saving and recycling of water. It also serves the additional purpose of energy saving.

From where does sewage come?

Sewage consists of waste materials coming from toilets, washroom, kitchen, and so forth. It can be said that sewage is generated from the different areas of industrial, commercial, and residential.

The disposal effluents from the sewage treatment is used in various ways like for toilet flushing, gardening, car washing, floor cleaning, etc. It is meant to say that Sewage effluents are used in all such purposes which are not related to hygiene. It aims to reduce the use of fresh water.


Importance of Shubham-ATB fully automatic sewage plant

Shubham-ATB fully automatic sewage plant caters to the need of minimum 5 people a day to 1000 people a day. With the help of Shubham-ATB it is possible to transport the higher ability to design, construct, and fix the commission plants of various capacities and technologies.


It avails an extensive service in providing wastewater treatment to residential and commercial complexes. Many other places like farm houses, bungalows, project sites, and manufacturing units, etc. are given the same services by it.