I-Aquamax XL(A)

ATB Small Sewage Treatment Plants

It is small sewage treatment plant especially designed for almost every situation and requirement. It is of the best use for small places like towns and villages and also serves for the commercial areas.

The SBR waste water tanks can serve the purpose for nearly 50 to 400 people, for the housing areas and small apartment blocks, for buildings on construction and renovation.

Depending on various factors like, the connection size, individual conditions, and the required parameter, the waste water treatment plant is composed by standard elements copied perfectly for your use.

The system is flexible. With, the modular configuration it is reliable for high operational facility. The PROFESSIONAL XL plant is maintenance friendly. The different parts of it can be removed separately via inspection ports. It is very simple to handle. Maintenance and repair job can be simply and easily done when the tank is empty.


Working Principle

  • In, Subham's I-Aquamax XL (A), the inflowing waste water is treated in three cycles only,
  • Each cycle runs for the period of 8 hours,
  • After, reaching the preliminary stage, the waste water faces 4 different phases,
  • The collected water in the preliminary stage is then passed into the buffer/treatment tank,
  • The water is cycled as per the estimated time in the treatment phase. With, this there is an alteration in aeration, agitation, and paused period,
  • In, the settling phase, the activated sludge is settled down which is then transferred to preliminary settling tank


1. Automatic control

2. Inlet

3. Primary Treatment

4. Buffer

5. Feeding Pump

6. SBR Tank

7.Areation System -

8. Submersible motor pump (sludge return)

9. Submersible motor pump (clarified water)

10. outlet

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