The problem of small wastewater treatment plants has increased in recent times. Possibility has dominated necessity in the developments in this branch.

What is Sequential Batch Reactor?

These are the special form of activated sludge treatment. It is a type of treatment process in which the clarifiers are not required. In, this the waste water is treated in batch mode. Each of the batch mode is sequenced through a series of treatment stages.SBR has a small capacity upto 4 solenoid valves or pumps. Possibly, these valves or pumps get malfunctioned any time.

The present situation

There are firms which give an offer to furnish the small waste water treatment plant with an internet connection. The planned servicing and repair of the plants and its operating as well is getting more problems in recent years.

Subham has taken initiative and brought the German Technology called Puroo by ATB. It aims to ease the operation of the plants and keeping it simple and secure.

What is Puroo?

It is the small waste water treatment plants, simple to handle, very secure, clean and economic.


The water flows via the primary settling stage

(1) into the SBR tank

(2). The intermittent aeration takes place in the SBR tank, and that so long until the mechanical ball valve

(3) float activates the air flow pump

(4) due to the higher water level. First, through this activation, the sludge return flow takes place in several short pump strokes. Now follows the settling. With this, the sludge sinks in the SBR tank. The air lift pump is activated again and now transports the treated water out of the plant

(7). A valve

(6) integrated into the outlet differentiates between short pump strokes (= excess sludge draw-off) and longer pump operation (= clarified water draw-off). With minimum water level the air flow is again switched from the air lift pump to the pipe aerator

(5). The sequence starts again from new. The cycle is thus not controlled time-dependent but rather water level-dependent.

Features of Shubham-ATB I-Puroo

  • Reliable and energy saving waste water treatment
  • The power saving small waste water treatment plant

Why Puroo is simple?

  • Because of only one air lift pump, fewer parts have to be installed
  • It contains only one air hose
  • Absence of solenoid valve. A robust ball float valve commands the air flow directly in absence of electrical energy
  • It is pure mechanically
  • The very few functions of it has made the operation simple
  • The sampling facility is merged


How I-Puroo is clean?

  • Subham's I-Puroo capacity can variably adjust to situations
  • The greater surface area ensures a better buffering with fluctuating loads
  • Through an opening in the partition wall, the SBR chamber and the preliminary treatment are connected
  • They use atleast 80 l/min units for the sufficient extension and security of the service life of the compressor
  • Subham's Puroo meets safely the norms of strict pollution control board limiting the values for BOD less than 30 mg/l and Cod less than 100 mg/l


In what ways I-Puroo is firm?

  • It has no prone solenoid valves
  • The waste water has no pump
  • It follows the SBR process to function
  • It can adjust the sudden inflow of water which may be more than its limit
  • In an accredited test facility, it has proven its flexibility and capacity in further overload or underload situations
  • It has been supplied with the proven and mature control system which is already there for many years


In what ways I-Puroo is Economic?

  • It saves the valuable energy
  • The waste water is transported once only due to the interconnection of SBR chamber and preliminary treatment stage
  • The lower loading enhances the service life of compressor
  • The maintenance cost is very low
  • 30 kWH is the power consumption per inhabitant in a year


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